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For Over 10 Years
with over 40 years combined experience



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Fredsiphosami Building Construction is a Private owned and operated Construction company with over 10 years of industry experience and over 40 years combined experience. Well known in the Construction industry, we've taken on some of the largest and longest Construction projects in Southern Africa and our record of safety and customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Fredsiphosami Building Construction. has won many accolades and awards for our environmental achievements and innovations in current Construction technology and equipment. All of our equipment is impeccably serviced and maintained to ensure against any unforeseen equipment downtime on your job.

Our staff of highly trained and qualified individuals possess over 40 years of combined Construction expertise under a variety of field conditions. If you have a large, medium or small scale Commercial, Industrial Or residential Construction project throughout S.Africa, F.B.C. wants to help you finish the job.


We'll make sure the job's done right!