About FREDSIPHOSAMI Building Construction CC
What we leave behind is the best impression.

Fredsiphosami Building Construction is a South African privately owned mid-sized General Construction firm that specializes in professional services for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction and Renovation. Fredsiphosami Building Construction is proficient in High Risk Management (Asbestos, Mould, Water and Fire Damage). The owner with over 20 years of background in sub trades experience, prompted the start of Fredsiphosami Building Construction which is now celebrating 7Years as a General Contracting Firm. In that time we have built a solid reputation for our commitment of delivering quality workmanship with guaranteed results. We provide a full range of construction management and general construction services to many satisfied customers around S.Africa.

Fredsiphosami Building Construction is very proud of its strong company management core. Our experienced team is passionate about delivering vision, honesty and excellence by building long term relationships with our clients and suppliers. With a strong client base and a diverse project range, Fredsiphosami Building Construction will meet your schedule, budget and exceed your expectations on your next development.

When it comes to estimating your project, our experienced team will faithfully and carefully estimate your project to its full scope of work that is required. We know that sometimes there can be unforeseen circumstances that may be uncovered during a project, we would never proceed until you have been made fully aware of the encountered issue and we have your full permission and understanding before we continue. Therefore, no unexpected additional charges after the project has been completed.

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Our Vision
We’re driven by integrity, and pride ourselves on offering the best quality materials and workmanship along with the strong relationships that we hold with the suppliers. Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations every time.

Our Values
Fredsiphosami Building Construction will always invest in our client first and foremost. Referrals are the best compliment from our clients and our reputation is what we hold dear. We believe in that all projects should reflect Fredsiphosami Building Construction’s heart and soul to any project.

Our Commitment to Excellence
We are driven by integrity. We deliver competitive pricing and use the highest quality materials that are available to us. Every project that we take on, we protect our client’s investment. Transparency and solid communication is the key to our success.

Fredsiphosami Building Construction total commitment to safety practice is essential to who we are. Fredsiphosami Building Construction is Core Certified by the Government of S.Africa. No matter the size of scope of the projects we undertake, we ensure that our employees, sub-contractors, our clients and the public is fully protected. Our team is fully educated and up to date on all safety practices and a Zero-Harm Policy is implemented with our company.

At Fredsiphosami Building Construction, we use the highest quality materials and fully trained employees who take pride in their work. We strictly monitor all projects to the complete guidelines of each project. We want our clients to feel confident with our team and that they are receiving the highest level of service that they deserve.

Our Environment
Sustainability is what is top of mind for Fredsiphosami Building Construction. We believe in maintaining processes of productivity indefinitely, natural or human made, by replacing resources used with resources of equal or greater value without degrading or endangering natural biotic systems. Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.